Nobody in any part of the world will say he or she doesn’t know what plantain is! Plantain is a very popular food that cuts across every conversation of the world, in every country, nation etc. It is a very nice food with many methods of cooking it, I love it, more especially the ripe plantain, that’s why I chose to list and explain the 4 methods of cooking plantain, and you are to choose the method that you love most.


  1. Porridge plantain
  2. Fried plantain
  3. Roasted plantain
  4. Boiled/cooked plantain.


Porridge plantain is a method of cooking plantain in a porridge form. This is the most popular method of cooking plantain, especially in Nigeria. There are many system in this particular method of cooking plantain, examples, it can be cooked with beans, it can be cooked with vegetable, it can be cooked like that without anything, but trust me, all of them are perfect, for the fact that it involves porridge. I will elaborate on all of them, Bellow, first let’s talk on cooking it with vegetable/vegetables.

Porridge plantain with vegetable

Porridge plantain with vegetable


Dry crayfish

Dry fish

Pumpkin leaf/ Green etc



2 balls of Onion

Ripe or unripe plantain

2 spoons of Red oil

2 cubes of Maggi

First you have to peel the plantain, wether ripe or unripe, but I prefer the ripe ones anyway because they are the most delicious of them all. After peeling, wash them in a bowel and cut them into pieces, I mean absolutely into pieces. Slice your vegetables, I mean any of the vegetables you prefer, wether cent leaf, pumpkin leaf or green or any one you like. But I prefer pumpkin or green. Then slice you onion.

Pour the sliced plantain into a clean pot, add 2cups of water, although this depend on the quantity of Plantain you are cooking, so measure the amount of water depending on the quantity of Plantain you are cooking. Put on stove and add oil, add crayfish and fish, add onion, Maggi or any seasoning cubes, add pepper and cover the pot.

After boiling for about 8 minutes, add salt and vegetable, then allow to boil for a minute then it is ready to serve.

Porridge plantain with beans

Porridge plantain with beans

In this type of Porridge, you have to cook it with beans, so lets elaborate how to go about it.


  1. 3spoons of red oil
  2. Dry fish
  3. Dry crayfish
  4. 2cubes of Maggi
  5. Pepper
  6. Plantain
  7. Beans
  8. Salt

First, make sure your beans in clean,to avoid stone or sand, then wash with water and place on a pot, add 3-4 cups of water, depending on the quantity of your beans. Place the pot on stove and cook with maximum heat, and keep checking it to add water anytime the water dries and also keep checking when the beans will be soft.

Peel your plantain, wether ripe or unripe, but ripe is best,wash and cut into pieces and keep in a bowel

Slice your onion and keep.

Any time the beans seems to be soft, pour in to Plantain into the pot, stir and add all the ingredients and if you are using vegetable, don’t add it at the moment till the food is almost done, then add the vegetable and allow to heat for 1 minute, then bring down the pot and serve.

Porridge plantain without anything

Previous, I have talked on how to cook porridge with beans and vegetable, but this one, you don’t need to cook it with anything, just peel your plantain, slice and cook and add all the ingredients I stated on the previous 2 directions above. Then what will be missing in this is both beans and vegetable, but it is the same direction to cook with 1st direction above.


Fried plantain is a method of cooking plantain but in an oil (known as frying) foodhealth.com.ng


  1. Plantain
  2. Vegetable oil or red oil
  3. Salt
  4. Colour optional

Peel the Plantain, wash and cut to any size apply to your taste, but don’t cut it Soo small. Pour some salt on them and mix, also add colour to them, allow the water to dry but keeping it in a sieve for some minutes. Pour about 2-4 liters of oil in a pan and place on heat, allow to heat very well, then add the Plantain and fry till they turn brown enough, then it is done. You can serve it with custard,pap,or even tea or you eat it alone.


Roasted plantain

Roasted plantain is the 2nd easiest methods of cooking plantain, it requires almost nothing to cook and it’s faster and easier. What you need is to peel the Plantain, and place them inside a naked fire and allow them to burn for about 4 minutes while turning them. After 4 minutes of burning in a fire, poke knife on them to know if they are soft, if so, being them out and scrape the body thoroughly therefore removing the small charcoal on them, you are done. It requires sauce to eat


Boiled plantain

This method is the easiest, it doesn’t require anything, just peel the plantain, wash and cut into any size you like, but not too small. Place on a pot, add water, salt and place on stove, cook for about 8 minutes, then poke them with knife to know if they are soft enough, if so, it is done. Serve with any type of sauce.

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