African Salad as the name implies is a salad of Africans in its own way. Infact it is a special salad with many nutrients and very delicious if done very well. It can be prepared with many things in many methods, it can be prepared with Ugba, Garden egg,etc. The food is liked and enjoyed by almost every indigenous African because of its uniqueness and deliciousness. This is one of my favorite foods, take it with palmi or beer and you will give the testimony yourself lol. Enough of long story. Now let’s get into the main issue of how to prepare this special food


African Salad/Abacha

1 cooking spoon of palm oil

Carbon potash/Ntu-ncha/Akanwu


2cubes of Seasoning cubes



Garden eggs (optional)

Meat/Fish (optional)

Garden egg leaf or utazi

2_3 seeds of Nutmegs


Slice your Onion, vegetable and fry your meat/fish if you are cooking with them. Put small quantity of carbon potash into a bowl and put small water according to the quantity of your African Salad, make sure that the potash is thoroughly mixed and dissolved in the water. Wash the African Salad/Abacha and spread it in a shifter for the water to dissolve completely. Grind the Nutmegs and keep.


Pour the carbon potash water into a pot and place on fire, add oil, seasoning cubes,salt,nutmeg and cook for like 5-10 minutes will stirring and bring the pot down and allow it to be cooling.

NOTE-immediately you put oil in the carbon potash water, it will change to yellow instead of red.

After cooling the carbon potash water you cooked, bring a bowel, pour the African Salad into the bowel, put your vegetable into the bowel,put your onion, put your salt,put your Pepper, and also your garden eggs (optional) and finally pour the carbon potash cooked water into the bowel and begin to turn or stir it. Stir thoroughly so that all your ingredients will mix up totality. And place your meat/fish on top it.

That’s all,now your African Salad/Abacha is ready. Serve with palmi/palm wine or beer if you want.



African Salad is full of Vitamins,Carbohydrate,proteins,calcium, fat/oil. Infact African Salad is a complete definition of a balance diet,hence it contains almost the six classes of foods.

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