Coconut rice is said to have originated from the caribean. It is one of the most popular food in the whole world as almost every body loves this food. This pattern of cooking rice is not like every other pattern of rice preparation out there, this is very delicious if prepared correctly, infact to me, it is far more better and much more delicious than any other pattern of cooking rice.


4cups of rice

2 matured coconut

2 spoonful of ground crayfish

2 cubes of seasoning cubes/Maggi

Curry leaf

2 spoonful of vegetable oil



Iced fish

Fresh pepper


2 balls of onion


Break the coconut, remove the edible whitish coconut from it’s shell, now grind the coconut with any good blender or the manual hand kitchen grinder.

After grinding, pour about 2 liters of water to the grounded coconut, mix very well till it becomes a bit thick and very milk like, then filter it very well and pour away the chaff .

The next stage is, wash the rice with warm water, and pour it into a pot, now pour the coconut water in the rice.

Wash the chicken and beef for like 3 times with salt, so that to purify the meat from germs etc. Place them in a pot, slice 1 ball of onion and put in the pot, put 1 cube of seasoning cube/Maggi, add small salt, Curry powder and add 1 cup of water and place on heat, boil till the meat is done and bring down the pot from stove.

Cut your iced fishes to any size applicable to you, them wash thoroughly with water and salt for like 4 times, place in a pot, add 1 cup of water, add the same ingredients you used to cook the beef and chicken, then cook.

Peel and slice 2 balls of onion and keep.

Now everything is set and ready to go. First of all, place the rice on heat, and leave it to start boiling, add the seasoning cubes/Maggi, the vegetable oil,the onion,the crayfish, the meat and fish, the Curry leaf, the sliced pepper. When you have added all the ingredients, including salt, cover the pot and leave to simmer untill the coconut water have dried up, add more coconut water and if it is no more, add the remaining water that remains from cooking both fish and meat to the rice, allow to dry up and if the rice is done and the water is dry, bring down the pot. Congrats because you have just learnt how to cook a delicious Coconut rice.

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