Egg roll is one of the best delicacies in the whole world, there is no nation that doesn’t know and take egg roll as food. But unfortunately, majority of the people only enjoys eating it but doesn’t even know how to go about to prepare it, nor the ingredients used to prepare egg roll. If you are reading this blog post, congratulations because if you pay attention and practice exactly what I wrote here, you will not only learn absolutely how to prepare egg roll but delicious egg roll.

Before we go on, here is a list of the ingredients for egg roll recipe.





Vegetable oil



Pour the flour in a basin or what ever you like, pour about 3-4 liters of water into the flour, depending on the quantity of the flour, then mix it. It’s advisable to leave the flour after mixing with water for some hours so that it could rise.

After like 12 or 3 hours, start mixing and turning the flour again, by this time, the flour might have been thick, start adding the ingredients, add salt, nutmeg, and any other ingredient you might have taste for like milk etc.

Now boil your eggs and remove the shell, mould the flour in a ball form to any size you might like, and after moulding, add an egg to each an every flour ball you mould. Keep doing this till it’s finished, then pour a vegetable oil in a frying pan or any kind of pot applicable to you, but the pot must be big to contain all the flour balls otherwise known as egg roll.

Allow the oil for about 1minute to heat, start putting the flour ball otherwise egg rolls one after the other and allow them to fry while turning them gently from time to time. Fry until they start turning brown or something like that. Then remove them one after the other based on the most brownish.

After removing them from the pan or pot, allow them to cool off! Congrats, you just made some nice egg rolls.

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