Egusi soup is a very nutritious meal popularly to to be eaten by Nigerians,especially in the Southern part of Nigeria and many African countries. egusi soup recipe/health benefits, which we will discuss the health aspect of it later.
There are two types/methods of egusi soup preparation.
(1): fried/frying method.
(2):non fried method.
In this topic,we will be observing the procedures or recipes of the fried method.
Egusi/Melon – 3cups.
Stockfish ( optional)
Red oil/Palm oil 250ml.
Vegetable-Bitter leaf or Pumpkin leaf etc.
Seasoning cubes 2.
Grind your Egusi/Melon, wash your meat with salt and boil for like 4-5 minutes, wash your fish with salt and boil also ( if it’s an iced fish/fresh fish). Wash your vegetable and slice according to your taste, soak the stock fish in a hot water to soften it, slice your Onion.
Pour red oil into a dry pot and place the pot on fire,as soon as the oil heats,put the grinded egusi/Melon and start frying, fry till the egusi/Melon turn something like yellow.
Add meat/fish/crayfish/stockfish. Pour the water you used to boil/steam your meat/fish into the egusi you are frying,little by little while stirring till it becomes thick,( depending on your choice of thickness). Now add bitter leaf, (if you are using bitter leaf,because it is thicker than other vegetables,so add it earlier).
Cover the pot and cook for like 20 minutes( be stirring it periodically and also top small water if it becomes too thick). The egusi is done when you notice the oil has separated from the mix. Add pepper,salt,seasoning cubes,now add Pumpkin leaf/you. Leave to boil for like 2-3minuites and it is ready.

Egusi soup

Egusi soup is a very nutritious food filled with many nutrients which are healthy to our body and also necessary to our health. The nutrients are classified according to its ingredients.
EGUSI/MELON- Vitamin B for improving appetite. Vitamin E for healthy skin. Antioxidant helps the cells and prevents Ulcer. Aids digestion.Aids the heart. Prevents Malnutrition. Helps the Bones.
VEGETABLE- Vitamin C. Vitamin A.Vitamin B. Vitamin E.
MEAT/FISH- Good source of Protein.

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