There are many methods of how to cook yam, but here I will be focusing on the boiling and roasting methods, first of all, let’s see boiling method on how to cook yam and then we exploit the roasting method.

Boiling method

Cooking yam via boiling is very simple, first you peel the yam, after peeling, cut to the sizes applicable to you and your pot, then pour the pieces of yam in a wash – hand Basin and wash it 2-3 times before you pour the yam into a pot, then pour water into the pot and place on stove. Note- observe the amount of water you put so that it won’t mess up your pot and stove when it starts boiling, so I strongly recommend that you make sure the amount of water you put doesn’t exceed half of the pot.

Put the amount of salt that’s applicable to you and the amount of yam you are cooking. Now cover the pot to heat for like 10minutes or 12minutes, take a table knife and pork them to see wether they are done,if they are soft, that means they are ready to serve.

Roasting method

In the roasting method of how to cook yam, the yam doesn’t need to be peeled. Just bring the yam, cut it into sizes according to your taste, but make sure the sizes you cut are not so big to avoid delay. So cut into medium sizes and place on raw fire,that’s a fire coming out from fire wood or any other ways you can roast it.

When it is done, you will know by inserting knife on them to know if they are soft,then use knife to scratch and scrape off the charcoals and burns on the body of the yam. Now your yam is ready to be served.

Note you can serve both the boiled and the roasted yam with sauce made from egg and tomatoes, red oil garnished with onion, fresh pepper and with utazi leaf etc. Honestly I prefer the second sauce I stated above because it is very delicious and nutritious.

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