Egg is one of the most important foods in our lives because of it’s nutritional values but unfortunately, most people dont even know how to fry eggs. LoL sounds funny but that’s the actual truth, yes almost every one if not everyone love eggs especially friend egg but sadly many cannot fry it.

But hey! Don’t worry, relax and read through this and I assure you that by the time you finish reading my write-up, and follow my steps, you won’t only know how to fry eggs but delicious eggs. It marvels me, some people will just break the eggs and pour into frying pan without adding any ingredients, well, I wonder how it will taste like, I mean without ingredients. May be they don’t even know that there are ingredients to fry eggs with. Wow! By now you might be saying “enough of all these talking” ok let’s get into the main issue of frying eggs but first let me list the ingredients, they are not many but yes, let me list them.



1 cube of seasoning cubes (Maggi)

3-5 eggs


Vegetable oil

Fresh pepper


Slice the oinion and keep in a plate, break the eggs and pour it in a bowel, throw away the egg shells, put seasoning cube into the egg, slice your fresh pepper and put, put salt also and turn it thoroughly so that is will completely mix with the egg, after yt might have mixed completely, pour the oinion into the egg.

Pour vegetable oil into a frying pan, I mean small amount of oil, then place it on a fire, allow to heat small and then pour the egg in to the frying pan, allow it to heat and become thick, then turn the egg, alloing the place formerly up to go down and the down that is already done to go up, that’s it your friend egg is now ready to searve.

Frying of egg will actually take between 3minuites, so don’t allow your egg to burn.


Egg as we all know is a very good and great source of protein. Infact it is very good especially to the young people especially children that are growing up. Even adults could once in a while take eggs, it’s good to the health.

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