Jollof Rice is a type of rice that is widely eaten by people ,infact almost every body eats jollof Rice. In Nigeria especially, it is served during occasion like wedding, burial,party etc. Now I will be guiding you on how to cook or prepare this meal called jollof Rice. Read and pay attention and I assure you that, you will not only learn,but master how to cook delicious jollof Rice. First of all what are the ingredients for this widely accepted meal.


3-5 cupes of rice

3cubes of Maggi

Meat/iced fish/tined fish/tined meat

Fresh pepper


Vegetable oil




Parboil your rice for like 2minutes, wash and keep in a bowel, slice your onion and grind your crayfish if you want, if not, you can still leave your crayfish like that, if you want. Parboil your meat/iced fish with Maggi and onion with cury powder an keep. Slice your cury leaf, if you are not using powdered one, well for me I prefer the leaf to the powdered one, well that’s by the way, slice it and keep. If you are using tyme, well it’s also good.


Pour vegetable oil into a pot and place on fire, allow it to heat, then add onion, allow for like 5-8 seconds, then pour the rice into the pot, turn it, add small water that you used to boil the meat or fish. If you are using tined meat or fish, pour ordinary water in the rice and put all the ingredients while turning. After putting the ingredients, taste for salt etc, then cover the pot and allow to boil. Note- be checking the water from time to time to know when it drys and also be checking the rice to know when it’s done.

That’s all on jollof Rice Recipe.

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