Apple is one of the most popular and nutritious fruits in the whole world. Infact,Apple is loved and eaten all over the world. Apple is said to have originated from Central Asia and it grow on Apple trees. Apples have high volume of vitamins,fibre and other various nutrients etc. According to research, eating apples can give your health many benefits, although Apple Is eaten raw,is is also used in many things like “making of apple juices, drinks, fruit salad and even adding it to foods as a delicacy etc”.

In this article, we will know about the nutritional values of apple.

Apple nutritional values

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Fiber- apple has a large quantity of fiber,a medium sized apple has about 4grams of fiber.

A portion comes from soluble and insoluble fibers known as pectin. Soluble fiber have to do with many health benefits because it feels the friendly bacterias in the gut. Fiber help in reducing sugar levels in the blood and aiding the digestive system and it can also cause weight loss and improve fullness in the body system.

Carbs- apple contains carbs and water, it has simple sugar like fructose,sucrose and glucose. Due to it’s richness in fiber and polyphenol, it has low GI score. GI score is a measure of food affects the rise in blood sugar levels after eating.

Vitamins- Apple has various vitamins, although they might not be in high volume, but how ever, apple has many vitamins like vitamin C etc.

Vitamin C, this is common antioxidant in fruits, it is an important that gas various important functions in the body system.

Potassium the main nutrient in Apple, potassium benefits the heart when consumed in large amount.

Water- Water is one of the nutrients in Apple, water has many roles to play in our body system. It helps our digestive organ to function awesomely and it helps to digest the foods we eat and helps to maintain body temperature and is also part of the blood. It is an agent of excretion.

Protein- Protein although it is found in small quantity in Apple, but it also helps in the body like maintenance of the body cells, tissues replacement and maintenance, it also keeps the body in food health, lack of protein will definitely cause kwashiorkor in the body.

Sugar- Apple contains sugar, according to research, this type of sugar is a natural sugar that only helps the body in terms of strength which means the sugar is naturally a glucose. Lack of glucose in the body causes total loss of strength and server body weakness, so apple helps with that.

Fat- Fat although is found in small quantity in Apple fruits, how ever, fat is also a good nutrient and very important in our health.

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