We all know what Tomato stew is and we all enjoy it, infact it it the most popular stew for eating rice and almost every nationality and race eat it!. But many people are ignorant of the ingredients and procedures for making this great tomato stew, don’t worry, sit down, relax and read every bit of information I will give below on this great stew. First I will have to list Tomato stew recipe ingredients and then I will give the cooking directions.


Fresh tomato or tined Tomato.

Fresh pepper

Ice fish/ meat

2seasoning cubes

Vegetable oil

Ground crayfish

Stockfish optional

Cury leaf

2balls of onion


Boil your meat or fish, add oinion, and 1 seasoning cube (Maggi) and boil till it’s done, then remove it from fire and keep aside.

Ground your tomato with morta and pestle or you can do it with a grinder if it is fresh tomatoes, if it is tinned then Skip and proceed to the next level.

Now put an empty pot on fire, add vegetable oil, depending on the quaniof your tomato, I can’t tell you the amount of oil to add, you are to use your brain, lol that’s by the way.

Allow the oil to heat, then add your sliced onion and the tomato paste, either the tinned or the grinded one, it doesn’t matter,just put in the pot, fry it by turning it periodically. Fry for like 1 minute and 30seconds, by this time the tomato paste might have changed colour a little bit, then pour the water you used to boil the meat or fish into the pot, “mind the quantity you put to avoid being watery”. Now pour the meat or fish in too, add seasoning cubes, pepper,salt,cury etc and taste to know if the ingredients are okey!. Cover the pot and allow to simmer untill the water in it seems to have reduced drastically and it becomes very thick, then your tomato stew is ready, bring it down, allow to cool off and serve with white rice.


Tomato is a very good source of Vitamin, so It is very sufficient in all kinds of Vitamin.

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