In this article, I will be writing on yam recipe. YAM is a very popular food, it is well known and eaten by every race in the world, so yam is very nutritious and popular diet, but many people are ignorant on how to go about preparing this wonderful food, but in this article, I will show you the 3 different kinds of foods yam could be prepared for.

Yam Porridge

Yam Porridge is a type of yam recipe, whereby,a yam is peeled and cut into pieces and cooked!.

With the above explanation, let’s go into the procedures to cook yam Porridge. First, peel the yam with either a knife or yam peeler, after peeling, wash the yam with clean water like twice, then cut it into pieces according to your taste. After cutting, put it in a pot, pour like 2cups of water into the pot (this depends on the amount of yam you are cooking, if the yam is much, then measure the amount of water you put) and place on fire. Add red oil to it, (measure is depending on the amount of yam involved) add ground crayfish, add seasoning cubes, add pepper, onion,dryfish, salt and cover your pot to boil.

After boiling like about 10 minutes, the yam might have become soft, and the water will be getting almost dry, at this moment, add vegetable, either sliced pumpkin leaf or green, any one of these can serve. Add any one of these leaves and cover your pot for like 1and half minute, then your Porridge yam is ready to serve.

Boiled yam

Boiled yam is a type of yam recipe, where yam is boiled and is eaten with a sauce.

This is the simplest or the easiest yam recipe because it doesn’t involve much procedures, but the sauce is!. Having explained above, here is the guild lines, first you must peel the yam surface, although some people don’t care to peel it, they just slice and cook. I call that laziness! So you peel the yam, then wash twice, after washing, slice the yam into pieces according to your taste or size you want, then place on a pot and place on fire, after like 5 minutes add small salt to it for your taste, but it’s alright if you don’t add salt, it’s just for your taste, and it depends on the amount of salt on your sauce. Note- before cooking yam, you must have already prepared your sauce. Am going to write about sauce in another post. So back to the topic, boil the yam like 10 minutes and poke it with knife to Know if it’s soft, if it become soft, then it’s ready to serve. Bring down the pot and pour away the remaining water that didn’t dry, then serve the yam with your taste of sauce.

Pounded yam

Pounded yam is a type of yam recipe, where yam is used to eat soup inform of garri or semovita.

This type of yam recipe is very stressfull, but it is awesome and almost every one who have tasted it likes it. In this method, you must peel the yams. I said yams because it involves many tubers of yam. Peel them, cut them into medium sizes and put in a big pot, pour enough water on it and place on fire, boil for 10 minutes and bring out the yam, put it into a mortar and start grinding it with pestle. Keep grinding it and be checking if all of them are grinded. Keep doing so till all of them are grinded and ok to swallow and a little bit hard like semovita or weat or garri, by this time, it’s ok to serve, you can serve it with any type of soup.

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